#GrowTheGame of lacrosse all over the world.

The Give & Go Foundation empowers underserved lacrosse communities worldwide




Hi, We're the Give & Go Foundation

Why We Organized the Give & Foundation

The Give & Go Foundation was organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, Give & Go will provide free lacrosse education and equipment donation for underserved lacrosse programs worldwide. As professional lacrosse players, our founders have unique resources to connect underserved lacrosse programs with coaches and equipment that will empower them to share the sport and provide opportunities for local youth to participate in a positive and impactful game.

International Lacrosse Clinics

It is our belief that the sport of lacrosse, specifically organized lacrosse teams, has the power to heal and help communities grow closer together. Being apart of a lacrosse team has made a massive impact on the life of many Native American, American, and Canadian kids and adults. The sport of lacrosse promotes teamwork, physical exercise, discipline and communication. By sharing this sport with underserved programs we will be able to add massive value to the lives of the players whom we connect with.

Coaching Abroad & Personal Development Programs

Traveling to a new country and giving back to the community there is an incredible way to promote personal growth while also giving back to the world. Many lacrosse players have the desire to share the sport and see the world but do not have the network or the resources to do so. We plan to help provide these opportunities to people who have proven they have a commitment to giving back and the potential to make a meaningful impact on the people that they coach.

Gear & Equipment Donations

The greatest challenge many underserved lacrosse programs face is access to proper equipment. The lack of lacrosse retail outside of North America makes it very expensive to acquire proper equipment to play the game, and more importantly to share the game with the youth. Our intention is to empower these programs to share the sport with the youth by providing free gear, coaching, and opportunities to play.

The Team

Adam Ghitelman


Scott Ratliff


Mary Fuschillo


Marcus Holman


Alex Aust


Will Manny